Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Have you ever been in that position
When ur feelings are rumbling in a demolition
Everyone watches this exhibition
But no one stays long enough to hear the description
Or the definition and all you are wishing
Is that maybe someone will hear about your condition
Maybe even a physician then you getting better
Will become his mission
But your not sick, you just have an awkward mission
To let it all out and find someone that will listen
Instead of letting you wallow in your cognition

I was feeling kind of down and writing always makes me feel better so i decided to write this poem although halfway through i turned it into something fun by making all the words rhyme with position instead of doing the same old 2 lines rhyme thing i ended up using words id never heard before and had to look them up and use them correctly but it was just what i needed to make me feel better

Thursday, July 7, 2011


It echoes echoes echoes
I cant get it out my head
Out of my mind
I wish i could seal my ears shut
I cower in the corner the sound surrounding me
If my mind was twice as good as my hand
Then maybe i could fight half of it off
My head thumps and bumps lightning crashes thunder booms
I used to use sound to my advantage to talk to people
Now its stabbing me in the back
If violence is not the answer
Why does sound give me migraine attacks
If i did something wrong cant we talk it out
Laugh and get over it
But sound does not forgive me
So asprin fights my battles after that

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Am not
A football
If i say
You cant pick me off the ground
Be passed around from player to
Put your spiral on me
I will
Help you touchdown
I was a game
I'd be one so

Friday, July 1, 2011



I think that June
is the best month here
Maybe September
Maybe December
They won't be the same,

Hot and heavy
Green so green
Blue so blue
It's what I know
This key is jagged
in my hands.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Predators and Prey

I was a tiger
A hunter
I was on the prowl
You werent a lion
Nor fighter
You were a simple owl
I should have ate you when i saw you
I stalked you down from behind
I would have gotten you good
This only happens in a blue moon
But i let you go just cause i could
Predators and prey only survive
In the deep jungles where vines thrive
But he took me to the sea
Took me to the water
Where i could be
A little wilder
Then he left me there
There to drown
Now im the prey
Helplessly bound
I was a woman
A fighter
Just trying to get by
He was a man
A romantic
Twined up in disguise
I ran when i saw him but then i stopped
Why did he turn around?
He should have let me go
My heart went crazy then it dropped
How was i suppose to know
He'd be my greatest foe?
Predators and prey only survive
In the deep jungle where vines thrive
But he took me to the sea
Took me to the water
Where i could be
A little wilder
Then he left me there
There to drown
Now im the prey
Helplessly bound
I have to swim back to the shore
Climb aboard
Smile big
Dance with the crickets and hear them sing
Get back up dont look back
Try to recover from this attack
I am a girl
So smart
I will not cry
I'll just sit here
And wait out life's next surprise

Saturday, May 28, 2011



I am tipped over sideways
Parallel to a sky
Of yellow stars

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just Fine

Just Fine

I'm really just fine
Not sad at all
No aching in my heart
No tears in my eyes
You did what you wanted
And I did too

Nice and clean
That's how it goes
I'm done

The days are ticking by
A year
A month
A week
A day
You've made your decision
So I'll be gone